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Alice Gordon 2010 Election

Since Alice is running unopposed in the primary election for District 1, organizations are generally not issuing endorsements in her race. A notable exception is the Sierra Club. Alice was honored to receive that endorsement in April.

2006 Election

Again, since Alice is unopposed in the primary election, she has not sought endorsements in 2010. She was honored to receive the following endorsements for the 2006 election.
Here is a list of some of Alice's supporters in 2006:
Jan Allen
Leo Allison
Lula Alston
Don & Pam Bailey
Matthew & Maya Barton
John Becton
Jamezetta & Ed Bedford
Vann Bennett
Alan Biermann
Ruth Biermann
Sally & Jim Boericke
Audrey Booth
Liz Brown
Jay Bryan
Mia Burroughs
Mary Bushnell
Margy Campion
Joe Capowski
Stan Cheren
Jack Chestnut
Mark Chilton
Rebecca Clark
Dan Coleman
Sharon Cook
Keith Cook
Don Cox
Nate Davis, Sr.
Nick Didow
Patricia Dominguez
Mary Ducker
Joel Dunn
Laurin Easthom
Gay Eddy
Joseph & Christine Flora
Charles & Synthia Foskey
Kevin Foy
Linwood Futrelle
Greg Gangi
Judie Giguere
Florry Glasser
Craufurd Goodwin
George Griffin
Suzanne & Peter Haff
Eric Hallman
Thelma Harms
Randee Haven-O'Donnell
Amber Hayes
Jackie Helvey
Pam Hemminger
Lois Herring
Loren Hintz
Lynne Holtkamp
Sam & Margaret Holton
Libbie Hough
Bill & Henrietta Huffines
Bea Hughes-Werner
Beth Isenhour
Mary & Khalid Ishaq
Vidy Johnson
Alice Joyce
Annette Jurgelski
Barry Katz
Michelle Kempinski
Linda Key
Bonnie Knoke
Jan Kylstra
Mary LeMay
Madeline Levine
Evelyn Lloyd
Pete MacDowell
Marty Mandell
Mark Marcoplos
Judy & Peter Margolis
Julie McClintock
Hervey McIver
Mariah McPherson
Madeline Mitchell
Nancy & Helmut Mueller
Belinda Novik
Chris Nutter
Dan Okun
Bernadette Pelissier
Mary Ann Peter
Mark Peters
Etta Pisano
Lee & Trish Rafalow
Johnny Randall
Bob & Val Reeber
Andrea Rohrbacher
Robert & Pearl Seymour
Delores Simpson
Miriam Slifkin
Bryn Smith
Mark G. Smith
Florence Soltys
Allen & Susan Spalt
Pearson Stewart
Bill Strom
Patrick & Annie Sulliven
Nancy Tannenbaum
Libby Thomas
Hattie VanHook
Andrea Vizoso
Chris Wachholz
Rosemary Waldorf
Judith Wegner
Art Werner
Norma & Dick White
Dennis Whitling
Allison Worthy
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November 2006 Election Results


Paid for by the Alice Gordon Campaign, PO Box 2425, Chapel Hill, NC 27515