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Alice reads to a classroom of students
Read Across America Day at Grady Brown Elementary School

Excellent schools
  • Prevent school overcrowding by providing needed public school facilities for both districts in a timely manner, following SAPFO (Schools Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance)
  • Provide fair funding for both school districts, thereby promoting a high quality of education for our children
  • Ensure the maintenance and renovation of older schools, so that these older schools will become substantially equivalent to the newer ones
  • Support the county campus of Durham Technical Community College in Hillsborough
Rural Orange County

Environmental protection and wise land use
  • Protect our natural resources, including watersheds and groundwater, and air quality
  • Support the county's "Lands Legacy Program," and wisely allocate the bond and other funds already budgeted for land acquisition
  • Encourage recycling and other sustainable growth policies
  • Protect our communities - urban, rural buffer, rural - through responsible long-term land use planning. Respect the Rural Buffer surrounding Chapel Hill and Carrboro
  • Implement the Orange County Comprehensive Plan

Alice chairing a meeting of the Durham/Chapel Hill/Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization
Alice chairing a meeting of the Durham/Chapel Hill/Carrboro
Metropolitan Planning Organization

Regional transportation and multi-jurisdictional cooperation
  • Promote wise transportation planning for the county and the region
  • Improve regional transit and also find other alternatives to cars
  • Monitor transportation projects for compliance with air quality objectives
  • Foster town-county and regional cooperation, and continue multi-jurisdictional partnerships

County services

Responsive county services
  • Provide caring human services for people, including young children and teenagers, and those with lower incomes. Make sure they have access to those county services
  • Support the senior centers, and provide services for seniors
  • Promote affordable housing
  • Support public libraries
  • Provide community parks and recreation facilities
  • Encourage meaningful citizen participation in county government for all of the diverse members of our community, inclusive of women and men, and people from all over the county

Downtown Chapel Hill
Support our local businesses in downtown Chapel Hill, Carrboro,
Hillsborough and all of Orange County

Efficient, effective, and fiscally responsible county government
  • Promote effective and fiscally responsible government
  • Ensure public safety and prompt emergency response, including interoperability and high speed broadband access
  • Buy Local
  • Facilitate thoughtful economic development to provide quality jobs for county residents, and to create new jobs
  • Support our local business and local farms, and promote the Buy Local campaign
  • Complete the projects authorized by bond voters for parks, sewer and other promised projects


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